Creepy Things You Didn’t Know Your Smart Home Tech Could Do

Smart home technology has taken over the world. And it’s still expanding.

While we devour our minds in all sorts of knowledge – informative or not – smart home technology companies are expanding their reach, improving their data, and increasing the control that they have over our day-to-day lives.

Vivid Doors have dug their fingers into researching all things technological. They’ve spent hours tugging at the doors of smart home gadgets to unveil the truth lurking behind each product. And, they’ve decided to share their information with us.

Below, you’ll find a visual guide to some of the creepiest – and downright scary – things that every piece of smart home technology can do. And the most horrendous part? We’ve willingly brought it into our homes.

Your Tech Can Talk To Each Other

creepy home tech

Tech giants are combined forces. The companies that created and control the likes of Alexa, Siri, Google Home, and Cortana have joined together and given their devices the capability of speaking to each other.

If you have 2 pieces of smart home technology, ask one what it thinks of the other. Go on, we dare you.

Alexa Listens Out For Burglars

This is quite a scary feature when you delve into the notification settings of your Alexa. But, it is quite a handy feature to have if you’re safety-conscious.

Alexa can not only detect smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and breaking glass, but it can also listen out for footsteps, doors opening and closing, and coughing. While this is handy to have for safety purposes, it’s a little creepy to know that Alexa is always listening.

Smart Home Technology Can Compromise Security

In contrast to the safety feature above, your smart home gadget can also hinder your home’s security.

Smart home devices can be conned into letting someone do whatever they ask of it by shining a laser into the device’s microphone. The laser tricks the device into thinking it’s sound. This will allow someone to ask the voice assistant to unlock the door (if your door is a smart technology door). How scary is that?

Alexa Is Known For Her Creepy Laugh & Random Outbursts

Alexa has a rather creepy laugh. And, before Amazon fixed this bug, Alexa would laugh randomly, and without being asked by the user. According to users who have spoken about this issue, Alexa’s laugh definitely wasn’t of the friendly kind.

Alexa Can Ruin Birthday Surprises

If you’ve ordered an item from Amazon, be aware that Alexa will tell you when an item has been dispatched, and will usually list what it is that you’ve ordered. If a birthday is coming up, and you’ve ordered some gifts via Amazon, it’d be a good idea to deactivate your Alexa in the weeks running up to it.

Siri Is Always Listening

It’s well-known that Apple, Google, and Amazon hire people specifically to listen to our conversations. They state that this is to improve the responses and information that their smart devices give to the user.

Although our smart home technology will never improve without this, it’s scary to think that all your private conversations are being recorded and listened to.

Alexa Has A Whisper Mode

Alexa is a very clever voice assistant. If the device notices that you’re whispering, Alexa will automatically lower the volume of the device and respond back in a whispered-tone. Whilst this is ideal for late-night conversations, it’s a little creepy that Alexa can pick up on this type of communication and respond in the same fashion.

Advertisers Can Hijack Your Home Tech

The main flaw in technology is that devices can be hacked. We recently saw this flaw in the Google Home devices when fast-food giant Burger King hacked into the devices to advertise their new whopper burger. This type of invasion brings us back to reality and makes us realise how unstable these devices can be.

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