Valiant Crossing Guard Died Saving The Lives Of Two Young Children

crossing guard

An elderly school crossing guard has been lauded a hero after he perished saving the lives of two young boys when he shoved them out of a car’s path.

88-year-old Bob Nill, or Mr. Bob to the kids he safeguarded, was killed outside Christ the King Catholic School in Kansas City while he was patrolling. He had held two small boys back as they were about to cross the street when he saw the vehicle racing towards them. The driver didn’t acknowledge the school’s flashing yellow lights or Nill’s red warning sign and drove into Nill. He died after the crash.

crossing guard
via Twitter; Crossing guard Bob Nill is honored at Christ the King Parish School, where he saved the lives of two young boys

The two schoolboys raced into the school in tears, with the school’s principal coming out to find his corpse in the middle of the road, with initial respondents taking over the crossing. Speaking to local reporters, the principal of the school, Cathy Fithian stated: “I know he had it in his hand. It was right in the center of the road.” Nill’s demise has him deemed as a hero by the residents of the community, who are now mourning his passing. David Alvey, the city’s mayor, thanked Nill on behalf of the town for his ‘selfless sacrifice’ in conserving the children.

Christ the King School released a statement also to parents requesting them ‘to know that Bob is a hero.’ The driver who smashed and killed Mr. Bob did halt at the scene and reportedly they weren’t inebriated. Jonathon Westbrook, a police spokesperson, explained that sidetracked driving was more than likely the cause of the accident. Westbrook didn’t confirm if the operator was speeding. According to reports, police claimed the driver had also been taken to the hospital with injuries and presently they’re investigating the matter. Nill leaves behind one son, Bart.


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