This Phone Utilizes AI To Block You From Taking Nude Selfies


A new budget Android phone, the e20, possesses AI-software inside the camera app that blocks users from snapping naked selfies.

Ever sent a nude pic to a beau before? If so, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Nearly 50% of American adults have sent naked images (or videos), accordant to a 2014 study, while a Cosmo survey from the same year disclosed that 89% of millennial females had shot nude photos. Now, one phone company in Japan asserts: “No, maybe that’s not such a good idea.”

via Reddit; The E20 says, “Nude flicks? Not on my watch.”

The phone is made by the Japanese company, Tone. It has a triple-camera setup and a 6.26-inch display, besides costing a mere 19,800 yen ($180). However, its most noteworthy feature is Smartphone Protection. If you take a photo that the device’s image-processing algorithm flags as a nudie, it will block that picture from being stored in your gallery. The feature is geared to protect Japan’s children and adolescents from being taken advantage of and taking pics they may one day regret.

The e20 can too connect to another person’s cellphone so that it can alarm a guardian or parent if their child tried to shoot an inappropriate photograph. AI, with its power to recognize the contents of an image, is employed by companies like Google and Facebook to stop the vitriolic circulation of illegal content. Although, it’s also implemented for pernicious purposes, like producing nudes out of photos of clothed women.


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