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What did celebrities do before Instagram? It boggles the mind to imagine a world without it now. Presumably, celebrities would have to scamper around to studios hoping to get a break in movies or fashion magazines. Even so, it wasn’t until social media came along that the concept of an “influencer” became popular. Beauty bloggers can use the Internet to broadcast every day, sharing their lives with the rest of us.

Instagram influencers aren’t just high-paid models promoting paid product reviews, at least not all of them. Whether they’re touting stem cell beauty products or teaching you how to emulate the latest fashion trend, Instagram beauty bloggers are the next best thing to a personal trainer or at least that one savvy friend we’d all like to mentor us.

So here’s a round-up of the most happening beauty bloggers, the movers, and shakers. We’re going for a diverse cast to ensure there’s someone here for everyone, with a mix of styles to fit as many personalities as we can squeeze in.


Check out: Her YouTube lifestyle sharings like “September Favourites: Beauty, Bikinis & Books”

Anna is a UK blogger who emphasizes a full lifestyle approach. She has great taste in books, touts healthy nutrition, and has made a name for herself as an organization guru with her manual “The Edited Life,” in addition to the standard cosmetic tutorials.


Check out: Emma’s wardrobe detox and Louise’s Janet Jackson cover

Lou & Em are Louise and Emma, a tag-team pair of lifestyle bloggers from Australia who combine a plethora of talents between the two of them. Louise is the musician who is most at home in front of her massive vinyl records collection. Emma sticks to fashion and beauty, but the outfits she throws together are amazingly diverse with a look for every occasion.


Check out: Her vacation to Bora Bora

Patricia Bright is the classic “power glam” model, making every day of her life look like a treat. Her looks range from enterprise-class business suit to sexy swimsuits to rockstar pajamas. She’s also a mom, and if she can post photos of herself seven months pregnant and still look glamorous, then anybody can pull it off.


Check out: Misguided NYE Party Outfits

Shirley is a London beauty and fashion blogger with a podcast and a lot of tricks in her bag. She’s aimed more for the down-to-earth, everyday lifestyle as opposed to being part of the jet-set. Her tutorials and finds are filled with solid, practical advice that pulls off a good look in any situation.


Check out: Her Halloween photoset at Canary Wharf

Are you a metal/goth person trying to update the style in the new millennium? Have we got the beauty blogger for you! Zoe is a DJ who’s just as likely to run around in Metallica and Black Sabbath T-shirts, but when she isn’t, she’s sporting looks ranging from pixie goth enchantress to distinguished London socialite.


Check out: Her Ziggy Stardust impression

Wendy Rowe has impressive credentials that put her above the average Instagram channel: She’s an international professional makeup artist, the creative director at Max Factor, blogger, and author. She’s also having the time of her life with all that. She shares the professional tricks of her trade that are the same techniques she uses for mainstream magazine cover shoots. Or you can follow her Halloween make-up and look like a ghoul.


Check out: Her three books Easy on the Eyes, The Make-Up Manual, and Back Chat Beauty

Lisa’s work is for the people who want to live out loud. She’s fun, creative, and very experimental, with a geeky side. Her nail styles alone could fill a book, and the rest of her work looks like a real-time experiment in seeing how many different people she can be. She will give you the courage to let your weirdest side hang out after you see some of the eccentric styles she comes up with.


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