Woman Somehow Becomes Getaway Driver After Date Robs A Bank


In a startling story, a man was busted robbing a bank and subsequently forced his date to be the getaway driver; according to reports.

Up until this juncture, it was safe to murmur that the titleholder of the ‘Worst Date Ever’ went to the lady who got stuck tossing her actual feces out the window. Touchy. However, this could all shift with the emergence of a new story. It all began back in 2016 when an unidentified woman from Massachusetts, US, chose to link up with Christopher Castillo, a guy she’d met via a dating app.

via KUTV; Christopher Castillo

After getting herself dolled up, the woman went to pick up Castillo from his folks’ abode in Rhode Island prior to painting the town red with her potential beau by her side. Although he consumed wine from the passenger seat – the initial illegal act of the night – the woman didn’t give much thought to it. The same goes when he asked her to make a pitstop at the bank, as the woman quite fairly assumed he desired to take some cash out.

But, things took an unanticipated turn when Castillo came sprinting back to the car, sweating in a hat and sunglasses, while carrying $1,000 in cash and a handgun. “F**king go,” he shouted at her, leading the pathetic getaway motorist to ‘panic’ and behave as she was told. She proceeded to drive until flashing lights from a cop car caught up with them and she got out of the vehicle while Castillo attempted to hide.

It wasn’t long before officers had the robber in handcuffs; police tossed the car ultimately finding a hat, sunglasses, a .44 caliber handgun and a wallet stuffed with stolen cash. This week, Castillo was charged for his offenses finally, pleading guilty to three counts of assault and battery on a police officer and armed robbery at the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office. As a result of his impromptu bank job, he was given a five-year prison sentence. As for the ‘getaway driver,’ she’s not been charged – however, we wouldn’t be surprised if she elected to never utilize a dating app again.


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