A Woman Bit a Man On His Neck After He Peed on Her Yoga Mat


A woman was charged with second-degree assault and man was hospitalized after she reportedly bit him on the neck, police say.

Melanie B. Jeffers, 42, was released on a $7,500 bond on the 26th of January, online court records indicate. Court documents became accessible Friday. Maryland State Police responded to a residence in Sykesville approx 4:30 a.m. to discover a man in the driveway with blood on his shirt and a bleeding neck, accordant to charging documentation. The man informed police that he was inebriated, did not know what room he was in earlier and peed on Jeffers’ yoga mat, which angered Jeffers, who then bit him on the neck, charging documents specify.

via Carroll County Sheriff’s Office; Melanie B. Jeffers

The man claimed he tossed Jeffers off him and dialed 911, read the charging documents. The man was transported to Carroll Hospital after cops detected he was bleeding on the right side of his neck from a wound, had blood on his hands and an additional red mark on the left side of his neck, said charging documents. Jeffers briefed police she heard the man in the other room urinating, tugged his shirt and inquired what he was doing, then the man backslapped her face, charging documents reveal.

Jeffers added they “tussled” in the hallway, then she bit him out of self-defense, charging documents disclose. Police spotted a red mark near Jeffers’ nose and underneath her right eye, charging documents divulge. As of Friday afternoon, there were no criminal charges filed against the male victim in relation to the event. When reached by phone, Jeffers declined to comment. Her counselour, William “Billy” Murphy, opt not to comment on or off the record. Jeffers has an upcoming court date scheduled for March 25.


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