Millionaire Creates ‘Sleeping Bin’ For the Homeless


Millionaire, Peter Dawe, has crafted a ‘sleep pod’ out of two-wheel bins which he alleges would help homeless persons remain dry at night.

He claims the notion has been met with some dismay, dubbing it a ‘Marmite design’ that people either hate or love. However, he now plans to create a YouTube video demonstrating to people how to make their own pod, which he stresses cost just $129.29. Dawe said: “My hope is that, if it works and homeless people like them, it will go global and people will be using these as sleep pods around the world.”

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He explained: “It is a Marmite design. Some people think it’s absolute genius, some people are actually horrified. ‘Oh you can’t put homeless people in rubbish bins’, they say. My argument is I’m not putting homeless people in there, they are choosing it. All I’m doing is mitigating the rough sleeping environment into something a bit more comfortable and secure. But those are the typical two responses to them.” The entrepreneur, from Ely, noted he initially came up with the idea of utilizing the bins as a place to rest when he constructed a prototype of a single person vehicle, too fashioned from a bin.

“I was messing around with them and got in and found it was dry and warm. Secondly, it is unbelievably easy to make – it is two wheelie bins with four saw cuts and a couple of bolts. A wheelie bin costs $65, so two wheelie bins are $129. I chose it because they are cheap and ubiquitous – they are a global thing. It was just one of those bright spark ideas – I thought this might work.” Dawes furthered: “One of the issues of being homeless is being kicked and urinated upon and it protects you from that, although we will need to provide them with cycle locks so people don’t decide to drag you off somewhere inside the wheelie bin. There are some horrible people out there, unfortunately.”


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