Here’s What Your State Is Googling On Valentine’s Day


It seems there’s zero love for Valentine’s Day this year. Rather than a candle-lit dinner, Americans are more preoccupied with reality TV and breakups.

The team at Satellite Internet peered at Valentine’s Day search trends on Google and discovered almost fifty percent of the country, California included, was googling “break up” on February 14 last year. Researchers examined searches state by state to generate a list of every state’s most-scoured Valentine’s-related term.

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Satellite Internet found residents in Alaska and South Dakota searching Tinder on Google more than anything. The citizens of Rhode Island and Idaho are evidently bargain hunters giving they searched for free Valentine’s Cards” and “free dating apps” the most. However, not all hope is lost in America. Seemingly the phrase ‘Virginia is for lovers’ is true, for “Poetry” was the primary search there in addition to 11 other states.

Valentine’s season has been a break-up season for a while; there is a trend encompassing this amorous day and couples tend to break it off a few days before or right after February 14th. 32-year-old Mark, a social media user, stated online: “Things weren’t going well between my girlfriend and I but I didn’t want to ruin her holidays by breaking up with her over Christmas. But also didn’t want to wait up until Valentine’s.”

Due to all the love in the air, Valentine’s Day causes people to reminisce about past relationships and their first love(s), — which, stirs up negative thoughts about their current situation. Accordant to a survey, 54 percent of persons in the United States had their first relationship prior to turning 18, although, 64 percent of females allege they have been cheated on by their beaus resulting in a significant separation. In the U.S., roughly 35 percent of females had their first mate when they were 16 and 18 years old. On the flip side, 30 percent of males say they met their first mate between the ages of 13 to 15 years old.


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