Social Networking Platforms and How They Affect the “Perfect Body”

Social media is a world on its own. Billions of online users have at least one social media handle registered in their name. This means that there are tons of people surfing at least one social media platform at any given time.

One of the things you may have noticed is flawless and perfectly-shaped bodies you see online. I mean, it is almost impossible to see an image that is not astonishing. It may or may not surprise you that these online images are influencing how you see your own body. Every image appears flawless and perfect.

The power of several photo-editing apps like Photoshop is no news to most people. These apps published by mainstream media allows users (even celebrities) to tweak some features in their body. It is almost impossible to surf through the page of any social media influencer without seeing these images. In fact, you may even begin to think that all of these images are unrealistic.

However, if these images are affecting the way you see your body, it is important to know that there are ways to filter what shows up on your social media handle. This means that you can choose what you see. Keep in mind that this method will only decrease not eliminate these types of images completely. Hence, reducing how bad you may feel about your body.

Keep in mind that studies about the relationship between body image and the influence of social media on “the perfect body” are still fresh, correlational, and inconclusive. This implies that there is no sure way to indicate that the images on a particular social media platform are negatively influencing how people see their bodies. It also makes it impossible to conclude that people that are overly concerned about how they look are often on a particular social media platform.

Another Study Suggests Facebook Promotes A Negative Body Image

However, one thing that we can say is that the meaning of “the perfect body” is being influenced by social networking platforms on a daily basis. A concise review that was published in the year 2016 discovered that there is a correlation between activities that are photo-based and the perception of one’s body. This 20-paper based review also discovered that there is often a negative thought about one’s body associated with constantly posting images of yourself online. Visit Valkyrie to learn more.

Several studies emphasize the need to evaluate why we are constantly on social networking platforms. They suggested that it is also possible to be on these platforms without being negatively influenced to see our bodies negatively. This implies that there is a need to ask yourself why you are constantly online and evaluate the handles you follow on your various social networking platforms. These studies indicated that it is important to identify the people you compare ourselves to.

Recently, a survey was conducted on over 200 female students at different universities. The participants of this survey indicated that they often compare their bodies with those of celebrities and their peers on social networking platforms. They admitted that they rarely make these comparisons with their family members. This implied that their perception of what the “perfect body” looks like is gotten from celebrities or distant friends.

An online body expert indicated that most people do not share their entire lives online. He went on to say that they only show you what they want you to see and in some cases, these images are exaggerated. This is why most people do not compare themselves to the people they see regularly- they get to see but the strength and the flaws of these people in the real world.

Several studies also indicated that people tend to push their bodies beyond what it can handle because of the influence of these images on their perception of “the perfect body”. There was a great emphasis on fitness inspirational images (images that shows someone exercising or pretending to exercise). This particular influence may affect the overall health and look of the body after it is pushed beyond the limit.

In conclusion, it is important to always keep yourself on the leash when it comes to surfing social networking platforms. In fact, it is best to stay confident about how you look.


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