College Course in ‘Adulting’ So Popular, it’s Turning Students Away


UC Berkeley is providing a course in “adulting,” rudimentary life skills young persons may have skipped until the university offered a wake-up call.

The course is so popular it is literally turning pupils away. “I want to feel prepared like I know what I’m doing and I know how to be an adult,” stated 21-year-old Allegra Estrada, who is a Cal pre-med junior. “You can know as much as you want about physics or biology or English but that doesn’t help you when you need to do taxes or figure out what to eat.”

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Wednesday night, a new 8-week class in “adulting” commenced. “We’re going to have guest speakers,” instructor Belle Lau said, setting out the subjects: managing money and time, and enhancing relationships. “That can be a relationship with yourself or others, like family, friends,” Lau noted. Other areas consist of mental and nutrition health, and fitness. “Self-care, self-love, and sleep,” added Lau.

Many students confess they battle to make the passage to self-reliance while in college. “It’s harder to budget when you’re not living at home because you have a lot more expenses,” said 19-year-old Lauren Frailey, who majors in economics. “I’m excited to learn how to manage my time better and that will definitely help me manage my stress as well.” The course was initiated by Lau and Jenny Zhou, a fellow biology major.

In 2019, the class set off with 30 students; though, this spring, it has around 80. And, 200 applicants were rejected. Pupils who were accepted had to make a cogent plea: “Things like, ‘I need help budgeting my money, I spend too much money on food, please help!'”, Lau furthered. “People are so focused on getting a good GPA, and needing to fill their resume with all these internships, jobs, and clubs that we forget how to take care of ourselves.”


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