Authorities Seize 12 Tons of Smuggled Beaver Penises


Customs officers in China confiscated over 12 tons of beaver genitals in the country’s largest-ever smuggling case pertaining to animal parts.

A total of 94 bags carrying thousands of beaver schlongs each were impounded onboard a Canadian ship ferrying mostly minerals and wood products. Approximately 500,000 to 600,000 beavers must have been slain to generate the 12.7 tons of penises, reports Xinhua News Agency. Beaver phalluses are implemented in traditional Chinese medicine to increase sexual vigor and remedy erectile dysfunction, according to state media.

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The Chinese General Administration of Customs held a lengthy press conference Wednesday morning to rationalize why it recovered what many Chinese recognize as valid medicine. “It’s probably enough medicine to give an entire generation some erections worthy of bulls, but it comes from shady sources and could also be dangerous.” Premised on cited black-market prices for the scutes, the customs agency projects the nabbed genitalia would have been worth more than $23 million.

“The investigation to identify the criminal organization behind this smuggling operation is still underway but it was dealt a serious economic blow today.” China is hands down the world’s biggest market for animal body parts trafficking. Experts forecast the market value of illegally imported animal parts on the Chinese market between $45 and 50 billion USD. Various species all over the planet are on the brink of extinction because poachers ceaselessly hunt them to appease the Chinese market, including pangolins, Siberian tigers, and rhinos.


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