Fish Leaps Out Of The Water And Stabs Teenager In The Neck


A teen is very fortunate to be alive after a needlefish leaped straight up out of the water and speared itself into his neck.

The frightful incident took place in the South Buton area of southern Indonesia in the Wakinamboro village when Muhammad Idul was fishing in the rivers. The 16-year-old was expecting to catch something respectable for later that day … up until a needlefish rocked him out of his boat into the water. The fish is often thin and long and possesses a very sharp mouth that has heaps of spiky teeth affixed to it.

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In spite of the fish making an adequate dent in the teen’s neck, he was able to swim to shore and then glibly walked home to get assistance. He was then transported to the hospital for treatment, although, physicians promptly realized that they did not own the specialist equipment required for such a tricky surgery, so Muhammad was taken to Makassar for his procedure.

It took surgeons roughly two hours to cautiously dislodge the fish. Professor Dr. Syafri K. Arif informed local news reporters: “To remove the fish snout, one must be very careful because there is a large vessel in the neck. Luckily it was not released. So, the fish’s snout is blocking the bleeding. Later when you arrive at the operating room, just pull it out slowly because there are large blood vessels there. If the stick is pulled out, the blood doesn’t stop coming out. So it is better if it is just stuck.” The adolescent remains in the hospital as physicians want to assure that the wound won’t be predisposed to infection.


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