Candle Makers Launch New Petrol-Scented Fragrance Oil


If you love rolling down your window at the gas station to inhale the aroma of gasoline, you can now release a petrol-scented fragrance oil inside your home.

Cosy Owl, a UK candle maker, has unveiled the new fragrance for all you kooks out there who savor taking in a surreptitious whiff at the gas pump. After conducting a survey on the more unconventional scents that folks like to snivel up, petrol trounced as if it were lilies – lilies drenched in gasoline. Richard Fewings, Cosy Owl’s managing director, spoke: “When deciding our 2020 product range, we wanted to get the opinion of the public on which scents they would most like to see introduced.

via Cosy Owl

“We were looking for quirky fragrances to add into our range, and as petrol (45%) was voted as the most desirable scent this will now be added to our range as a new fragrance oil. You don’t just have to be a petrolhead to be a fan of this unusual scent!” The mentioned poll, which the company conducted themselves, asked the general public to state their most beloved scents which would not typically be in everyday fragrance products around the home. The top five were: Andrex Loo Roll – Green packing (2%), Cow Manure (6%), Prosecco (21%), Orange Blossom (26%), and Petrol (45%).

The survey was run across Twitter and Facebook during January of this year. Views were examined across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The invention of the latest ‘petrol scented’ fragrance oil for candles would suit the abodes of petrol zealots perfectly, as well as others that confessedly appreciate the scent. While petrol is a pretty peculiar scent and one that surely draws concern, Cosy Owl has insisted that their petrol scented fragrance oil is not as hazardously flammable as actual petrol and is safe to use just like any other house candle.


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