Komodo Dragon Wrecked Camera By Trying To Have Sex With It


A komodo dragon obliterated cameras intending to shoot for a BBC wildlife show after attempting to have sex with one of them.

State-of-the-art equipment was stashed inside both a lifesize imitation fake pig and a female komodo dragon placed amidst a pack of the large lizards during taping for new series Spy in the Wild 2, with David Tennant as the narrator. Accordant to reports, John Downer (executive producer) disclosed the male dragons started trying to mate with the fake lizard and became highly frustrated when the phony did not respond – so they took their exasperation out on the model pig carrying the recording equipment.

via Hello Flores

Downer said: “With its massive claws this dragon starts raking at the skin of the ‘female’, and there’s nothing you can do because you can’t intervene. You just hope it will realize there’s something not right and it will stop. But then this pig, with all our equipment in it, was in the wrong place at the wrong time and they just annihilated it. It was breeding season and they’d been riled up by fighting over this female and testosterone gets the worst of us. They were like dinosaurs, it was just unbelievable, it was totally smashed to pieces.”

Spy in the Wild 2 commences Wednesday, 22 January on BBC One, and was shot with cameras concealed inside animatronic beasts including gorillas, bears, turtles and koalas. The new series too boasts clips of Ugandan mountain gorillas “crooning” as they dine together.


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