McDonald’s Launches Adult Cream Pies… Yes, You Read That Right


Available for only a limited time, McDonald’s’ ‘Adult Cream Pies’ have definitely spawned plenty of red faces since their impending arrival was pledged.

If you’ve ever attempted to translate a phrase or word from a particular language back into English, you’re very aware that sometimes it doesn’t play out accordingly. A perfect illustration is McDonald’s latest range of succulent treats that are set to launch this week in Japan. And if you aren’t acquainted with the other, the much seamier meaning of ‘cream pie’, we advise you NOT to Google it on your computer. Seriously, don’t. Safe to speak, Maccies pies and those discovered in the abyss of the internet are not at all connected. It’s a rather ill-omened translation.

via Twitter; McDonald’s new Maccies pies

From this upcoming Wednesday, consumers in Japan will be able to get their mitts on two styles of cream pie. Setting guests back just $1.36, the first involves ‘crispy pie dough kneaded with cocoa powder’ and ‘is packed with chocolate cream using Belgian chocolate’. The website extends: “A cream pie that fills the hearts of adults with a balance of chocolate sweetness and bitterness.” The second dessert is a bit saltier, and instead of chocolate, it is stuffed full of cheese. Yummm.

The description says: “Crispy puff pastry kneaded with parmesan cheese is packed with sweet cheese cream using cream cheese. A cream pie that fills the hearts of adults with a balance between the sweetness and saltiness of cheese cream.” Whether the clever execs over at McDonald’s were mindful of the possible confusion triggered by the translation is unclear. What is for certain though, is that it has not pulled wool over the eyes of those who have stumbled upon the advert online, with many urging the fast-food titan to take a second gander at it.

Posting on Twitter, one user said: “Gotta love Japan, where they censor porn and have creative products names like this.” A second individual even offered their assistance in translating foods for the burger chain, remarking: “If you pay me a few hundred dollars a month I’ll be your English speaking consultant on naming. This literally is a sex term in English.” A third commented: “English speaking users please raise your hands up… you know what I mean.” Whilst another posted: “Uh oh… Adult Cream Pie? Learn English Meaning.”


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