Teen Severely Injured After Being Flung By Slingshot Ride


Terrifying footage was nabbed in Kazakhstan of the moment a teenager was sent rocketing through the air by a slingshot ride.

In the clip, a 13-year-old boy can be seen shooting out of the catapult as spectators gasp, before he ultimately lands below on the concrete ground. The accident took place in Almaty at the Kok Tobe recreation area, in the south-east of the country. The teen was hurried to the hospital and is rumored to be fully conscious and in a ‘moderate’ condition in the trauma department; although, he sustained a plethora of severe injuries.


Abai Kusainov, head doctor of the Center for Children’s Emergency Care, informed reporters: “After the examination, our doctors diagnosed the boy with a fracture of four lumbar vertebrae, a fracture of the left radial bone with an offset, fractures of both ankles and of the left lower leg, a fracture of the talus of the left foot with a displacement. The same day he was hospitalized the child was provided with the full assistance needed.” Accordant to the local police department, the adolescent slipped off the slingshot ‘by his negligence and his parents have no complaints against the park administration’.

In 2019, a UK woman claimed her life was ‘ruined’ after she was almost paralyzed in Egypt on a surf simulator. Tracy Turner said: “People need to realize these water parks are dangerous. I was lucky not to be in a wheelchair but the next person might not be. My life has changed forever and has been ruined by a simple water ride. I never knew they were that dangerous. I was a real outdoors person and had a great social life – now I can’t do anywhere near as much as I used to. I have also piled on the weight as I can’t go to the gym and am depressed.”


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