Daughter Wanted Mermaid Doll For Christmas. She Got It, And Cocaine


“When they removed Pearl’s head to repaint her offensive skin, they found 2 ounces of cocaine stuffed in her head,” said Elizabeth Faidley.

There was one item Ellie Faidley desired for Christmas more than anything in the world — a baby mermaid doll. Thereby her mother, Elizabeth Faidley, was set on granting her wish. Faidley’s quest led her to Pearl — a green-haired, stringy mermaid baby doll with a sparkly green tail on Etsy for sale.

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When Pearl arrived, Faidley saw the doll had “weird and creepy skin” cloaked around a pair of yellow, haunted eyes. Nonetheless, she was convinced that her six-year-old would eventually come to love her. However, Ellie was horror-stricken. The child took one peek at Pearl and shrieked, “Ew!” before backing up and informing her mum the doll was “not what she expected.”

“Basically, she was like, “OMG, this doll is hideous. What is wrong with you, Santa??” Faidley shared in a Facebook post accompanying a video. After numerous failed attempts to switch her mind, Ellie proceeded in rejecting the doll, and Faidley ultimately sent Pearl to a Secaucus doll hospital for renovations. Roughly a month later, Faidley was contacted by a Secaucus police detective, who was phoned by the doll hospital.

Faidley said authorities told her the baby mermaid was a pawn in a multination drug ring and needed to remain in custody whilst they investigated the dollmaker based in Alabama. “Everything we do for our children….we try to get the best Christmas gift and accidentally buy a [doll] stuffed with cocaine and become embroiled in an international drug-smuggling ring,” added Faidley. “If cocaine accidentally shows up under your tree, know that I understand and that you tried your best.”


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