How to Make Your Instagram Outstanding Fast and Easily

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Whether you are trying to build social proof for business or for personal influence, your Instagram account is essential to your success. The process of developing it is also crucial. You can only defeat the competition if you put in the extra work.

Fortunately for you, we have 10 simple tips that will help you make your Instagram outstanding quickly and easily!

Pick a theme

One of the key ingredients to being successful on Instagram is having account consistency. Your followers will be most likely to appreciate your posts in the long-term if they are part of something homogenous.

If you started your account with a dark theme, stick to it! If you prefer to post mostly black-and-white photos and videos, maintain that trend. Do not confuse your following by constantly changing your theme.

Choose a layout grid

Instagram offers 9 types of layout grids for your posts. You can play with them in the beginning and find out which ones best suit your style. In the end, you should choose one, and just like you did with the theme, stick to it! 

Having a consistent layout grid helps you attract new admirers to your account early on. In the long run, you may be able to build an entire community simply through the unique style that derives from your combination of theme and layout. 

Join a community

Nobody likes stand-alone accounts that separate themselves from the crowd too much. It is always important to be original and go against the wind, but you should still try to join a community.

Depending on your brand, business or content style, you can find larger groups of similar users to which you can attach your account. You can do so by using hashtags or collaborating with users from that community. This tip should attract many followers’ attention to your profile quickly and easily.

Personalize your brand

Make sure that your account tells a full story about your brand or your business. Complete the bio page section, and add links to your website. Additionally, you can post links to other social media profiles.

Most of your Instagram followers are surely active on other networks as well, and they can connect with you there, too.

Discover your competition

Now that your account is well-defined and up and running, it is time to find out more about your competition.

If you have already engaged with a community, you may have a clear idea of which brands are your immediate competitors. Check out their profiles and discover their strategies for attracting more followers, views, and likes. Get inspiration from their posts, and look closely if their followers start tuning to your feed when you upload similar content.

Understand your audience

Next, use Instagram Analytics Tools to understand your audience better. These social media instruments reveal the type of content that is your followers’ favorite. They also tell you at what time of the day they are most likely to view your posts.

Once you have these analytic data in-store, try to use it in your favor. Set up a posting schedule that will fit their activity on the network. Stick to it, and it will help your Instagram account reach outstanding dimensions rapidly.

Use the right hashtags

Instagram maybe 10 years old, but the use of hashtags in your posts is just as relevant as it was in the network’s early beginnings. Make sure that you always use the most relevant hashtags for your content. If you are at a loss of which are those, you should search for the ones that are most followed in your niche.

Get more views

To grow your Instagram quickly and easily, you will need to get the support of a large audience. The best way to get their attention is by getting more views from social media experts. A good resource for them is at

Collaborate with other users

If you are barely starting on Instagram, you should seek the support of more experienced users on the platform. Look for influencers in your niche, and ask them to promote your brand. This kind of investment can pay substantially well in the long run.

Ask support from your followers

Last, but not least, ask your followers to tag their friends in your posts. They might not all do it, but even the smallest support that you get through this technique will help you develop rapidly and strongly.

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