Teacher Fired After Smoking Cannabis In Classroom Full Of Students


A North Attleborough High School substitute teacher was fired after reportedly smoking weed in a classroom full of students on Thursday afternoon, an official noted. Students that were in the classroom at the time immediately reported the sub, accordant to Principal Peter Haviland.

“The incident at North Attleborough High School was entirely unexpected and unprecedented and it was in no way a reflection of the great students, faculty, staff, and families of this great school and community,” Haviland said in a statement. “Instead, the quick actions of the students to report their concerns is an accurate reflection of the values of this school and community and serves as comforting evidence demonstrating that our students share and uphold these common values of safety and appropriateness within our school.”

It’s not determined if criminal charges will be filed against the substitute teacher, whose identity has not been released. Principal Haviland praised the rapid actions of his students for assisting officials in removing the teacher from the premises. As to why the teacher elected to spark a doobie on school grounds, inside a room full of minors, remains an unsolved mystery. The incident is presently under investigation.

“It was their quick decisions to report the concerns which allowed our school to immediately intervene and remove the individual who created the unsafe environment,” Haviland furthered. “We are proud of our students and grateful to them for the level of maturity and courage they showed during this unfortunate and unprecedented experience.”


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