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Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of year. Kind of. The holiday season is a magical one. The cold and dark winter is lit up, the fire is roaring, and you’re hunkered down at home, spending it with your loved ones. On paper it sounds great, but in reality, it involves a lot of stress.

Long drives, Christmas cards, Christmas presents, glitter everywhere, and having friends and family to entertain can take its toll. If you don’t know any better, then you can let the Christmas season get the best of you. Or you can be smart this Christmas time and check out Express Doors Direct’s infographic on holiday season hacks for a stress-free Christmas

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From using duct tape to pick up pine needles to tips on getting your cutlery to gleam for your guests, it all helps at a very turbulent and stressful time of year. 

Let’s go through some of them here and begin with hacks for Christmas decorations. If you want to clean dust and debris off of your Christmas decorations, put a pair of tights over your vacuum cleaner nozzle and get to work, it’s super effective. Or make use of a soft paint brush and use that to dust off decorations. 

Christmas lights in a bundle? Wrap them around any cardboard boxes you use to store decorations, this will save you the frustration of unravelling a Gordian knot every year. Use plastic cups to store ornaments and decorations, don’t go out and buy some though, this should be a way of recycling them.

If you’ve got the whole extended family round for Christmas, you’ll quickly find yourself in a sea of wrapping paper. Make clearing away the paper into a game for the kids! You may also want to put down something to catch all the glitter and debris when presents are opened. 

Did you forget someone’s card last Christmas? Have some emergency cards signed and ready to go, just add a name and there you have it. You’ll never have to live through the embarrassment again. 

Make sure your freezer is cleared out and ready to receive all the party food and leftovers that Christmas brings. Use baking soda and salt to get all of your cutlery positively sparkling in time for your guests. 

Guests inbound but the house isn’t ready? Attack your furniture and upholstery with a lint roller. Keep multi-purpose wipes handy for on-the-spot cleaning. Get some festive fragrances going in the house. And when you’re doing all this, who has time to sit and scrub a toilet? Pour a can of coke into the toilet bowl, leave it for an hour and flush – done!

These are some of the many ways you can help to make your Christmas run more smoothly. They sound so simple, but they do make a noticeable difference. Anything you can do to reclaim some time this Christmas is needed. It should be a time of healing and quality time with your loved ones, don’t settle for less and hack Christmas!


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