Ugly Cities Transformed into Works of Art

Art comes in many forms; sculptures, music, paintings, dancing and even tattooing. But it is a creative skill that takes time and talent to master. Due to the nature of art, most people around the globe appreciate it in some form or other. That’s what is so beautiful about art. It’s a personal opinion, but also a well-loved genre of expression.

Art in the form of paintings is one of the most highly appreciated forms, due to the skills that the creator must use. For a painting to be highly sought after, an artist must use colour, texture, symbolism and creativity, in order to speak to its audience and allow them to feel the depth and story within the painting.

No matter how dark a painting may seem, it’s always portrayed in such a beautiful way that many find mesmerizing. Because of this idea, digital artists at Express Doors Direct have taken cities topping the polls for ‘ugliness’ from around the world and turned them into intriguing pieces of art, using the key styles of many famous artists.

Charleroi, Belgium

Vincent Van Gogh

Benidorm, Spain

Wassily Kandinsky

Hull, UK

J.M.W Turner

Swindon, UK

Paul Cezanne


Claude Monet

Detroit, USA

Joaquin Sorolla

Baltimore, USA

Edouard Manet

Houston, USA

Frank Benson

Amman, Jordan

Piet Mondrian

Cairo, Egypt

Henri Matisse

Let’s face it, cities are magical places, full of culture and history. But due to their busy nature, our world’s most famous cities are usually overlooked when it comes to their appearance. When sitting down to paint a beautiful scenery, we think most of you will have fields, flowers and lakes come to mind. And rightly so, they’re beautiful to look at. But when painting a beautiful scenery that’s full of city litter, dust and traffic jams…now, that’s a challenge. Therefore the concept of turning ‘ugly’ cities into works of art is intriguing to us.

In this stunning collection of ‘ugly’ cities, you’ll find Swindon, UK, which has been dubbed the ‘ugliest town in England’, turned into a picturesque painting using the style of Paul Cezanne. A dirty, smog-filled photo of Cairo, Egypt, given a paper and scissors makeover in the style of Henri Matisse. The concrete jungle of Houston, USA, reimagined using the style of Frank Benson. Subtle changes have been made to an image of Detroit, USA, where the use of light and shade and bright colours have transformed this ‘ugly’ city into a beautiful painting. The famous Vincent Van Gogh’s style has also been used within this piece. His style of bold and dramatic colours is used to turn Charleroi in Belgium into a piece of art that we’re sure Vincent himself would be happy to display. And, our favourite, ‘Port de Baltimore’ which was an image of the busy, dirty and outdated harbour in Baltimore that’s been turned into a fascinating brush-stroke painting in the style of Edouard Manet.

Art is more than just activating a creative part of our brains. Paintings are art in its purest of forms. Making something so ugly – like these ‘ugly’ cities – look and feel beautiful, truly is an art within itself. Which one’s your favourite piece?


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