Man Hid Dead Roommate’s Body Under Mattress, Then Had Sex On Top Of It


A man covered up his deceased roommate’s corpse with a mattress and then had intercourse with a different woman “multiple times” on top of the body.

A jury in Multnomah County unanimously convicted 56-year-old Clayton Lamont Howard on two counts of abusing a corpse following a 10-day trial in which Howard acted as his own attorney. His sentence is scheduled for Dec. 3. Howard was released in 2017 after being in prison for 35 years. He was convicted of multiple robbery and rape charges back in 1982.

via The Daily Beast; Clayton Lamont Howard

Officials stated Neta Mangum, a 59-year-old woman residing with Howard at the time of her death, perished of an accidental drug overdose. Mangum’s family could not get a hold of her and presumed someone else was utilizing her mobile phone to reply to their text messages. Mangum’s family stressed to the court they “knew immediately,” due to the texter’s substance and style, that Mangum surely wasn’t the texter.

The night of March 22, Mangum’s family reported her missing. When police showed up they found Howard and the other woman. Records say Howard had Mangum’s credit cards, jewelry and phones at the time of his arrest. The woman with Howard informed investigators she met him “several days” earlier and said he permitted her to move in so she could “get off the streets.” Howard too told the woman Mangum left for the coast with a guy named Elvis and claimed she was set to return on March 24.

Accordant to prosecutors, Howard had covered Mangum’s corpse with a mattress, clothes and plastic containers. He and the new ‘roommate’ continued to use drugs, said prosecutors, and then had coitus “multiple times” on the mattress that Howard affixed on top of Mangum’s body. The woman told detectives she had no idea where Mangum was.


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