Woman Born With 12 Fingers And 20 Toes Says People Think She’s A Witch

20 toes

A woman who was born with 12 fingers and 20 toes contends she has become a social misfit, with neighbors convinced she is a witch.

63-year-old Kumar Nayak was born with a rare condition dubbed polydactyly, which causes persons to possess more than the average number of dactyls on their feet and/or hands. And as a result of her extra toes and fingers, she claims neighbors feel she is a witch and abuse her, with her unable to go outside.

via News Puddle; Kumar Nayak, 63, has no money for surgery and is forced to stay inside her domicile due to having 20 toes and 12 fingers which are comparable to that of an elephant

Kumar stated: “I was born with this defect and I couldn’t be treated as we belonged to a poor family. It has been 63 years I have been in the condition I am today. The residents nearby believe that I am a witch and keep away from me. But sometimes more visitors come to see my condition. I am forced to stay indoors as I am treated differently.”

One neighbor, who is more empathetic to her situation, furthered: “I know that she has a medical problem and it has nothing to do with what others believe her to be. I feel so sorry for her that she can not even afford to get herself treated.” Meantime, a mother in Russia has came out after alleging she and her daughter received alike treatment from individuals in their community.

Sofya Zakharova‘s parents were informed that she would not be allowed to begin nursery school because her deformed skull would frighten other children. The nursery stressed that the baby girl should undergo an operation prior to her parents applying again. “The sooner she gets the experience of interactions, the easier it will be for her to cope with the conditions in which she lives and grows,” said educational psychologist Ekaterina Belan. “The more interactions she gets, the easier it will be for her to accept herself for who she is.”


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