Hockey Fan Busted Covertly Stealing Ice Cream On Live TV


Fans at home watching the Carolina Hurricanes vs Ottawa Senators hockey game witnessed a fellow fan expertly stealing someone’s ice cream cone.

In the footage, host Mike Maniscalco can be heard talking about Veterans Day following the Hurricanes’ win over the Senators (8-2). Meantime, to the left of shot, a man can be seen peering at someone’s phone while holding an ice cream in his left hand. Another fan then surfaces from the rear of him and tactfully hoists the ice cream out of its holder prior to stuffing it in his mouth.

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The dupe then realizes his holder is empty and peeks over his shoulder looking puzzled while the thief tries to return the ice cream. Seeing his victim is about to gander in his direction, the ice cream abductor hastily scampers off and camouflages into the crowd, leaving his target with an empty holder. The superbly executed robbery has gone viral since and has garnered millions of views after the Carolina Hurricanes posted the clip. They labeled it the ‘crime of the century’.

The swindler has been identified as Weston Davis, and contends that the ice cream rip-off was no stunt. Davis admitted that Joe Campen (the victim) was his buddy, however noted the stealing was not a pre-planned scheme configured to earn the duo viral fame but rather a spur of the moment thing. Speaking to local news reporters, Davis said: “Joe and I are good friends. He was standing there behind the camera and I just thought I’d mess with him hoping maybe the camera would get a shot of it.”


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