Video Displays Woman At Festival Spraying Her Breast Milk Around

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A super bizarre video exhibiting a woman squirting breast milk around at various festival-goers has recently gone viral online.

The clip, tapped by Eric Falconi, displays a woman in what appears to be a leotard or one-piece black swimming costume, a cap, sun shades and some red boots prancing around prior to whipping out her breast and begins spritzing milk all over the place.

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She then continues dancing and twerking before one festival-attendee shows up and crouches down by her in an effort to nab some of the milk inside her mouth. In the background persons can be heard reacting in horror, with one individual yelling: “Oh sh**. Jesus Christ!” whilst others jest or cheer her on. Also you can hear a good amount of folks saying ‘oh God’, which is likely a pretty warranted reaction.

The clip has been making rounds on social media, where it’s garnered millions of views and, as you guessed, plenty of comments. One person stated: “Okay but how does she produce so much milk?” There was a plethora of persons who could not wait to shred the woman, throwing in low blows like: “I assume she just had a baby and that milk is being dispensed to the public instead of her child.” Too: “Yooooo breast milk is like f gold and she’s just squirting [it] out like it’s water?” However others defended her contending that ‘breast milk is no big deal’, to which one person highlighted: “The breast milk is not a big deal, her squirting it like a Super Soaker is.”

To see the festive woman spraying off boobie milk like a MP5, click HERE.


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