Woman Believing She’s A Wolf Bites ‘Vampire’ Neighbor’s Ear Off


A woman has been detained after believing she was a wolf and then successively biting off the ear of her ‘vampire’ next-door neighbor.

Aside from that, 44-year-old Allison Weaver was too arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting her neighbor as well. Weaver remains held in the Oakland County Jail and has not been formally charged or arraigned, although she’d been identified by jail records. The Oakland County Sheriff was phoned to Norfolk Drive in Rochester Hills on Friday morning. One of the residents in the apartment block heard somebody calling for help.

via Pinterest; Even this wolf is confused by Weaver’s behavior

When police got there, they heard moans and stormed into the apartment which was located upstairs. That’s where they discovered a scene redolent to a horror movie – two partially nude females were in one of the bedrooms of the homestead, entirely sodden in blood. Officials commented that one of the ladies had what seemed to be bite marks all across her face and that a piece of her left ear was missing, with what appeared like bite marks leftover. The other female – who is now described as Weaver – was circling over the victim. Both ladies were laying on the floor.

The 48-year-old victim was transported to the hospital for treatment. She informed the sheriff that she was acquainted with Weaver because they were former neighbors. She’d invite Weaver over for drinks before she began making sexual advances towards her – the lady then objected to going to bed with Weaver.

She alleges she was woken up later by the woman, who had stripped her clothes off – she discovered her to be choking and biting her. The victim then explained to deputies that her ex-neighbor had told her that she wanted to murder her. Weaver is facing charges of attempted sexual assault and assault with intent to do great bodily harm.


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