Man From Florida Jumps Off A Surfboard And Lands On A Shark


A shark bit a surfer in Florida after the guy jumped on the predator over the weekend, accordant to officials.

A spokesperson from Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue stated off the coast of the city of New Smyrna Beach, south of Daytona Beach, the 27-year-old man parted off his board on Sunday early evening. Captain Tamra Malphurs explained the service answered a 911 call of a shark bite at a cove, after a male “jumped off his surfboard and onto a shark.” The surfer endured minor cuts and was cared for at the scene.

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It was undetermined what shark species the man faced. The incident was the 11th off the Volusia County coast this year. New Smyrna beach downtown is west of the Indian River Lagoon, America’s most eclectic estuary. The lagune is residence to over 2,300 animals including bonnethead blacktip, spinner, bull and Atlantic sharpnose sharks.

New Smyrna Beach is deemed as the “shark-bite capital of the world.” Accordant to the International Shark Attack File, in Florida there were 15 motiveless shark attacks in 2018, with 25% of the state tally taking place where the city is located in Volusia County. A different surfer, in August, too pounced on a shark in the amniotic fluid off New Smyrna Beach. Donald Walsh, a Mims (in Brevard County, Florida) chiropractor was surfing at around 11:45 a.m. on August 27, when he snared air on a wave, local news reported.

He then dropped on a shark which he presumed was roughly 6.5 feet long. The animal bit his hand and leg. Walsh expressed at the time: “Took a wave, one thing I never do, I never really try to throw an air but I tried to throw one. Didn’t land it, landed on a shark instead and he decided to take a bite out of me. It felt like a freight train hit me and the first thing I could think of was to literally push him away from me and as soon as it happened, I grabbed my board and started to paddle as fast as I could.”


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