Driver Mystically Survives Final Destination Style Vehicle Crash

final destination

A Georgia driver divinely stepped off with minor injuries after crashing into the rear of a truck hauling a load of logs, a la Final Destination.

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The chap bent down to grab something in his vehicle just before rear-ending the semi, accordant to local news. Ed O’Brien, Whitfield County Fire Chief, stated dozens of logs oddly established a hole right where the operator’s head was, meaning he was fortune enough to be able to walk away minus any grievous injury. “It was as if it was almost created just for his head,” he added. Firefighters were phoned in to help the guy out of the car but they had to first saw through roughly 30 to 40 logs to get to him. After they excised all the logs in the path, it took crews nearly 15 minutes to abstract him safely from the wreck. To be impartial, if you’ve viewed Final Destination 2 then you’ll fathom that this precise scene wasn’t the reason for the character’s demise.

The car the lady was in (above) rammed into a truck that had a knife-like PVC pipe slam through her seat. It was when firemen were attempting to get the lady out of the vehicle (because the door was battered) that they popped out the airbag, prompting her head back and disemboweling her on the pipe. Fortuitously for this fella, none of that took place and he has a pretty impressive fable to share at the pub.


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