How Instagram Influenced the Shopping Industry

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Instagram has served as a window display for this generation’s shoppers, and it is rapidly changing the way people deal with style both positively and negatively.

There are numerous fashion outlets gearing up for online marketing and promotions for the upcoming holidays, specifically on Instagram. Though it has been known as a social media platform, Instagram manages everything that has to do with the visual aspect. Compared to other online shopping sites, Instagram has been a haven for customers to discover and search through brands, which are making the most of social media marketing as a strategy to sell and promote their services and products.

According to Jane Frances, Dear Frances’ designer, Instagram entails demonstration of inspiration, mood, or emotion. It is the perfect platform to share any form of aesthetic or inspire individuals through the lifestyle of a brand.

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The physical features of shopping brands that Instagram recognizes can be compared to the excitement of unraveling hidden gems and providing support to independent or small-time businesses. It is something that is is quite absent during trips to local shopping malls.

Laura Antonia Jordan, Grazia’s fashion news and features editor explains that being able to spot something on Instagram can equate to a friend’s recommendation or referral. This is actually a combination of both attainable and aspirational in terms of brands.

According to the founder of fashion brand Lisa Says Gah (with 195,000 Instagram followers), Lisa Bühler, she was able to open an Instagram account before the site was launched. Lisa Says Gah has a few designers, and some of them regard Instagram as one of the most popular platforms. The site also has some in-house brands, which have been curated towards a specific appeal.

Jane Frances also states that Instagram is a natural haven for drawing in customers who share a certain form of aesthetic.

According to Ditte Reffstrup, creative director of Ganni, which is another fashion brand, Instagram has been considered as the best tool for being aware of styles and brands in fashion. You may come across a certain brand while scrolling or you may want to check out a specific brand that someone recommended you. The first thing you will most likely do is to check the Instagram profile of the brand and not the website.

Instagram has been the best tool for browsing and discovering brands, especially for customers geared towards fashion and style. Instagram was able to launch its “shoppable posts” feature last year, and this has enabled brands to do the necessary tagging for items available for purchase and for customers to be able to shop using the in-app feature.  

Instagram has also assisted some practical fashion trends in their promotion and sales, such as the see-through clothing and straw bags that have been included in Vogue magazine’s most influential trends on Instagram last year.

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Carolyn Mair, a fashion psychologist explains that Instagram allows us to observe the manner in which an outfit blends together instead of seeing them as separate pieces. For most people, this may be deemed helpful even though the outfit does not quite fit them. But the real deal with Instagram is that the pictures we look at are not all taken professionally. This is because most of the influencers are average people, which means that there is a prevalence of representative fashion imagery instead of traditional fashion imagery.

For instance, the sales of Veja, an eco-friendly trainer brand, was able to increase by 113% annually and this started when Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, donned a pair of Veja trainer shoes during her Australian royal tour.

Instagram has definitely helped not just popular brands and trendsetters, but also for unknown or new brands, thus making a big impact on the fashion industry.

Reffstrup also states that Instagram has influenced fashion strongly through images and videos. Aside from having a keen eye for detail, creativity is a must to capture what you want your customers or clients to see. This makes Instagram an exceptional platform for promoting brands and influencing one’s shopping style.

Indeed, Instagram has been one of the most helpful social media platforms for promoting brands on a global scale. Even fashion brands like CLV by Cathy’s Concepts (with hundreds of followers) utilize Instagram for selling, marketing, and promotion. An individual’s perspective on shopping has been influenced in such a way that anyone can now look and shop for their preferred brands and styles with just one click on the app.


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