Man Beats Peeping Tom To Death After Busting Him Outside Window

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A 30-year-old man has been apprehended for purportedly beating a peeping Tom to death outside of his girlfriend’s residence.

via Flickr; Victor Vickery was protecting his former lover from a peeping Tom, however, things went a little too far

Victor Vickery was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of manslaughter, after the death of 57-year-old Asaad Akar last year in July. Court filings state Vickery had been in bed with his then-beau in her house in Delray Beach, Florida, when the pair heard a scratching commotion from outside. Victor then stormed outside without even getting dressed to locate Akar, who was slightly naked and is presumed to have been watching the duo whilst they were engaged in sexual activity, documents explain. As Vickery’s mate called the cops, he is suspected of having beat the fellow to death, punching and kicking him in the process. Filings state the suspect’s mate could be heard yelling out “stop…that’s enough” numerous times throughout the telephone call.

Police officers discovered Mr. Akar covered in blood and unconscious, with a post mortem verifying he had died of blunt trauma to the torso and head. A report from from Broward County law enforcement said they were able to unearth evidence the victim had been “peeping” at other abodes, and had record of past arrests for similar behaviors. The police force too had records of earlier 911 calls made by Mr. Vickery’s companion fearful a stalker was outside her home. Some would say, karma’s a real b**** and that Asaad Akar deserved every bit of the butt whooping Vickery laid on him … do you agree?


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