Ad Released Featuring Nude Ronald McDonald With Fries As Pubic Hair

ronald mcdonald

There’s a new ad out featuring a nude Ronald McDonald pulling down his thong slightly, divulging fries that are meant to mimic his bushy pubic hair.

The advertisement startled internet users enough to evoke pretty potent responses, with a Twitter poster stating “I’m haten’ it”, which’s a twist on Mickey D’s tagline “I’m lovin’ it”. The ad was initially reported by media website Delish as one published by Japan’s McDonald’s. Though, subsequently additional media outlets remedied the misinformation, with New York Post verifying with a spokesperson at McDonald’s that it was not associated in any way to the establishment. Daily Mail, Vancouver Sun and Yahoo Style UK all reported the advert as being put out by Yotteba. The raunchy Ronald McDonald design derived from New York-based artist Wizard Skull.

The packaging for the trademark fries sold at Yotteba boasts a logo that likens the McDonald’s Golden Arches logo, which is the chain pub’s way of poking a little fun at the fast food guru McDonald’s. In an unrelated event, McDonald’s in Japan released an authentic product with designs that were connotative enough to make eyes pop out of sockets. Their summer beverage cups, which most likely are not meant to suggest anything more than just innocent, young love, seemingly turned to filth in a micro second when the perspective was altered. Either way, McDonald’s has been garnering a lot of freaky news lately.


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