Car Thief Stunned As Motion Activated Dashcam Busts Him In The Act


A man was rummaging through a Mini, when he was snapped by its motion-activated dashcam, approx ten seconds after he had entered the vehicle.

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As you may have figured from his expression, the criminal didn’t hang around after that and exited without stealing anything. The Mini’s owner – who wishes to remain faceless – is understandably gobsmacked with the dashcam, which extremely and effectively served its purpose. Though, while she wished it would blanket her with a sense of security, she never thought in a million years it would manufacture such comedy too. Speaking to local news, she stated: “It starts recording without any light as soon as the motion happens, but after 10 seconds, the light comes on and he was startled by that. Nothing was missing, but you could see someone had gone through my car. I am totally happy I bought that camera. It’s worth every penny.

I just kept playing back the video cause it was just so funny. I’m just glad that it’s getting the attention that it’s getting.” Law enforcement is still attempting to trace the man, but you’d have to think with such a clear shot of the suspect’s face having gone viral, the Mini menace has the odds stacked against him. Dashcams have pioneered the way road-based incidents and crimes are assessed, lessening the frequency with which events boil down to one individual’s word against another’s. In late 2018, a dashcam in Norfolk caught the astonishing moment a van straight drove over a roundabout and soared 12ft into the air.


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