You Have To Try These CBD Infused Tampons, Ladies


Daye aspires for the 30% CBD extract coated tampon to help ease menstrual pain, as a non-addictive, holistic alternative to pharma painkillers.

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Daye, a female-owned corporation, is in harmony with your cycle and too delivers to your letterbox. “Daye started when I got my first period, at nine years old. No one had sat me down and explained what the menstrual cycle was, so when I started bleeding I thought I had a rare and shameful disease”, recounts Valentina Milanova (founder of Daye). Milanova discovered industrial hemp after much research and expresses she, “had a Eureka moment”. The hemp plant fibers are more absorbent than ordinary cotton tampons, plus the flower’s extract is pain-relieving and thus assists women who suffer from wrenching menstrual cramps. “All our tampons are made from sustainably-sourced cotton fibers that are batch tested for cleanliness and pesticides,” she added.

The brand’s CBD infused tampons possess 150mg of 30 percent CBD concentration, with the Tetrahydrocannabinol extracted. “Since they’re administered vaginally they have a much higher bio-availability than if the compound were administered orally”, Milanova furthered. “If you were to ingest CBD, the compound would have to go through your digestive tract and be metabolized before reaching your bloodstream, so your gut and liver take a huge chunk.” When queried what the results displayed, Milanova has stated some females felt their cramps diminish after 15 minutes and some after sixty minutes. “We don’t want to force tampons on anyone. We’re simply here to raise the standards in period care and upgrade the tampon, a product that has been overlooked for way too long,” stressed Milanova.


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