The Secret Google Friends Easter Eggs When You Search Their Names

easter eggs

The 25th anniversary of Friends‘ first show is Sept 22. To celebrate, Google has stashed some sneaky Easter eggs inside their searching platform.

via Taringa; Easter eggs, in September? That’s right – thanks to Google

In order to access the eggs, all you have to do is put a character’s name into the search bar and hit Enter. If you enter Ross Gellar for example, you will see an image of a couch on the page. Giving you click on it, it’ll prompt a soundbite from the vintage ‘pivot’ scene. If you click it a sufficient amount of times it’ll snap in half and you’ll hear Ross say, “Okay, I don’t think it’s going to pivot anymore”. Searching Phoebe Buffay will pony up a pic of a guitar. If you click it, a foetid feline will skulk across your screen whilst Phoebe serenades you with her song, ‘smelly cat’. If you put Rachel Green in the engine, you get an icon of her famous hair; and rather than getting your coffee order wrong, you’ll simply get directed to a Google image search for her signature style.

A swift search for Joey Tribbiani will cough up a photo of a pizza. If you click on it, he yells ‘Joey doesn’t share food!’ Newly, fashion brand Ralph Lauren launched a Rachel Green themed collection. Several of the items might cost you a slight bit of cash — we are talking about Ralph Lauren here — however if you’re a die hard Friends fan then you might choose it’s worth parting with your dough for. You can procure a no-iron button down shirt or ribbed turtleneck sweater for $111, which doesn’t sting considering you’re getting your hands on a limited-edition Friends’-themed relic that you can tell all your pals about.


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