How to Tell if a Job in Entertainment Is Right for You

You watch TV or movies and are absolutely taken with how a group of people, operating in different disciplines with different skill sets, can come together to create a piece of entertainment. You emotionally invest in the characters, you gaze in awe at the cinematography, you are transported by the costume design and beguiled by the brilliant writing. In every small facet of a show or movie, there is something to get excited about. 

But have you ever wondered to yourself if you could ever work in the entertainment industry? The entertainment industry always needs young, passionate creators, and sourcing film industry job opportunities isn’t as difficult as it once was, so there is nothing stopping you. 

But how do you tell if an entertainment job is right for you? Do you want to work in entertainment, or do you simply like watching stuff? Below is a list of attributes; if you find you identify with some or all of the following, chances are the entertainment industry would be a good fit. 

You Love Telling a Story

Entertainment is all about telling a story. Sure, that means literally telling a story, as in the case of writers. But actors also tell a story, through the emotions they portray; cinematographers tell a story by the mood they set; editors tell a story by stitching all of the parts together in precise, meaningful ways. You get the idea: everyone on a set contributes to the story being told. 

If you have a deep love of storytelling, then consider working in entertainment. 

You Work Well Collaboratively 

Lone wolfs tend not to do well on a film set, nor in a writer’s room or at an actor’s read. Making pieces of entertainment is inherently a collaborative act, one that requires mutual respect and understanding for your peers. 

If you work well in groups, are able to bounce ideas off people and cede your point of view when a better one is proposed, you’ll do fantastically in Hollywood – or wherever you choose to pursue entertainment. 

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Long, Strange Hours Don’t Bother You

If you are looking for a 9 to 5, Hollywood isn’t the place. Film and TV shoots often keep odd hours; sometimes, shooting night scenes require you to work what is essentially a graveyard shift, while more intensive daytime scenes might shoot from 6am all the way through to 9pm. You never really can tell. 

If you don’t mind the odd, often long hours (which you’re always compensated for, provided you are a union member), you’ll fit right in. 

You Constantly Strive to Improve

The need for self-improvement isn’t exclusive to the entertainment industry – it’s the universal mark of a professional. But in order to get the most out of a career in entertainment, to rise ranks to a position you feel most proud of, where you are doing things on your own terms, you need to be dedicated to constant self-betterment. 

Do you see yourself in any of these attributes? If so, read up on the different disciplines in entertainment, hone your craft and join a mentorship program. You could be the next generation of entertainment.  


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