12-Year-Old Boy Breaks Both Legs Falling From Fair Ride


12-year-old Theo Shaw was very fortunate to escape with his life after he fell out of a ride in a park at a travelling funfair.

via Facebook; Theo Shaw, 12, and his mum at the hospital

The pre-teen was rushed to hospital with a cut on his head and two broken legs after he fell from a ride dubbed ‘Extreme’ at the funfair, which in Brockwell Park has been set up. Shaw’s mom, Aileen O’Brien, who is a St. George’s Trust Hospital employee, wants the entire fair to be shut down in the lieu of her son’s injury. She stated: “He’s going to have surgery tomorrow and he will not be able to walk for eight weeks. I do understand accidents happen but children should be able to go on rides without getting hurt. I can’t believe it’s open today, they [Lambeth Council] should close the whole thing down. There is clearly a problem with health and safety across the board.”

A Lambeth Council spokesperson said: “This ride has been closed, and we are working with the HSE [Health and Safety Executive] and the police to investigate the cause of this incident. We will take any further action required once the investigation has been completed and the full facts have been established. We wish the boy a speedy recovery.” A spokesperson for HSE stressed: “HSE is aware and attending the scene. Enquiries are at an early stage and there will be an investigation.” A Bensons Funfairs spokesperson added: “I don’t know anything about it as I wasn’t there.”


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