The Most Prevalent Causes of Unintentional Injury Deaths in the US

In 2017, data collated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicated that unintentional injury is the third most prevalent cause of death among Americans. There are different types of unintentional injury, and in this article, we are going to present three of the most common. We also discuss some of the steps being taken or to be taken in order to prevent deaths from such types of unintentional injury.

Unintentional Poisoning

People suffer unintentional poisoning when they ingest something that is toxic or harmful to the body. Among the most common victims of unintentional poisoning are children, and this is simply because they are not yet skilled in identifying which of the substances around them are poisonous and which are safe for consumption.

Sure enough, 64,795 people succumbed to unintentional poisoning in the United States, with a good chunk of this figure comprised of children six years old and younger.

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The incidence of death from poisoning is truly quite high. Because of this, measures that help stop people from being unintentionally poisoned must be put in place. Among the most common ways is to keep toxic substances out of reach of kids who might mistake them for candy or any other food item. Proper labeling should also be practiced, especially for substances that are repacked or removed from their original containers. At the macro level, the community and key institutions should not stop conducting studies on food poisoning and other types of poisoning.

Motor Vehicle Crashes

At this time, citizens are bombarded with infographics and seminars that aim to make them more careful drivers. There are also now various laws that prohibit distracted driving and driving when under the influence of alcohol and other substances that alter the driver’s consciousness. In addition to these, cars are now equipped with several features that not only prevent but also mitigate the negative impact of crashes. Aside from the usual airbags and seatbelts, many cars now have lane keepers, blindspot detectors, and other automated features that help drivers keep their vehicles safe. Still, 40,231 people perished in 2017 because of vehicular mishaps on the road. 

It is also worth noting here that there are also those who survive a crash but are now in need of assistance as they traverse their road to recovery. In order to be successful, these individuals might want to seek out the services of competent lawyers such as those from the Dore Law Group. The attorneys will be the ones to help establish culpability and facilitate the submission of claims to insurance companies, which might resist or find ways to reduce the amount that they have to pay. 

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Because the numbers of those who die and are injured on the road are still quite alarming, government agencies are now taking measures to make the roads safer. Among the most impactful is the ethics-based Vision Zero from Sweden that New York, Chicago, and other prominent American cities have implemented. Though not perfect, the initiative led to significant reductions in deaths from vehicular accidents in such areas. 

There are now moves to take Vision Zero to other major cities and states in the country. North Carolina is among the newest to adopt the philosophy behind Vision Zero, which takes a more holistic approach to accident reduction. Specifically, the makers of Vision Zero believes that ensuring safety does not only rest on the pedestrians and motorists, it’s also in how the roads are designed, how the government responds to issues, and how the community as a whole behaves as users of the road. Basically, everyone is involved. 

Unintentional Falls

If unintentional poisoning is common among children, unintentional slips and falls are common among the older folks. And it surely is not that difficult to see why; the elderly already have weary legs, so small issues such as wet floors or highly polished surfaces can spell the difference between life and death.

To be exact, 36,338 Americans died after falling unintentionally. In order to avoid similar incidents in the future, everyone is encouraged to wear safety gear whenever they take care of something high up. If that’s too difficult and costly, they can just entrust such tasks to the pros. 

Those who live with the elderly should install additional safety features in slippery areas such as the bathroom. One common feature that makes sure of safety is the grab bars that are usually installed on walls. Another thing to make sure of is the sturdiness of the railings on staircases. The elderly might need to put their full weight on these features, so they must be able to withstand repeated exposure to pressure.  

Addressing issues that are currently making a negative impact on people and the community as a whole is of utmost importance. Succeeding in doing so might require a little bit of effort from everyone, but such an effort is going to be well compensated if it saves thousands of lives.

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