People Wait For Hours To Try McDonald’s New Spicy Chicken Nuggets


They’re even available yet and people already are queuing up in a dire bid to taste Mickey D’s new Spicy Chicken Nuggets.

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Ever since the inventors of fast food declared it’d be releasing a revise on one of its signature menu items, social media has been inundated with persons frantic to attempt the nuggets for themselves. Which is the reason when a Manchester McDonald’s branch gave exclusive admittance to the newest addition for a 1-hour period on Sunday (4 August) – prior to it officially going on sale at 10.30 am on Wednesday (7 August) – anxious customers quite literally waited in line up for hours to get a bite. The location and time of the preview – 3pm at the Cross Lane, Salford McDonald’s – were not released until lunchtime, giving individuals just over two hours to dash to the restaurant and stand in line.

A mere 600 of the scrumptious treats were handed out to zealous crowds. The Spicy McNuggets are based upon recipes trialed already in Asia and the US, along with Australia where they’re a perpetual installation on the menu. In the UK, they’re being made available for 7 weeks only. The British version of the nuggets implements a specially-developed, new recipe. They too come with a Tabasco-based dip … in case you opt to turn up the spice a notch more. Prices differ between branches, but it’s reported they cost on average around the same as a typical batch of nuggets – $3.87 for 6, $4.24 for 9 or $6.06 for 20.


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