Celebrities Who Have Been Ordered By the Court to Undergo Rehab

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People from all walks of life may suffer from substance abuse problems. No matter how rich or famous an individual is, it’s always difficult to overcome addiction. Being a celebrity does not necessarily mean avoiding substance abuse disorder or better chances for recovery.

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Sometimes fame can even be a hurdle on the way to sobriety. It happens that success and popularity do not allow addicts to admit they have a problem. This may lead to serious consequences, including destructive behaviour or illegal actions. In this case, the law is used to hasten an addict’s recovery.

What is court-ordered rehab?

Court-ordered rehab (read more here) is commonly used for law-breakers under the influence of substances. It is compulsory rehabilitation from addiction that is ordered by a judge via a court ruling.

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It can be used instead of a prison sentence as it might not match the nature of the committed crime. Offenders addicted to alcohol or drugs who committed a minor crime under the influence of substances are typically taken to court-mandated rehab instead of jail.

Although, if the crime is violent in nature, the chances of avoiding imprisonment are lower. The main aim of court-appointed rehab is complete rehabilitation of the individual in order to prevent more serious crimes. Court-ordered drug treatment involves learning how to manage intensely emotional situations and identifying when support is needed.

Celebrities who underwent court-mandated therapy

Mel Gibson

In August 2006 Mel Gibson was ordered to attend rehabilitation classes because of driving under the influence of alcohol. He also had to pay a fine and serve three years’ probation after this incident. 

Boy George

Boy George, who suffered from drug addiction, agreed to undergo court-ordered drug treatment program in order to avoid imprisonment on cocaine charges.

Nick Nolte

Nick Nolte was suspected of driving under the influence which was a reason why he voluntarily entered a Connecticut clinic.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh was ordered to undergo drug treatment because of illegally obtained drug prescription.

Leif Garret

Leif Garrett was accused of heroin possession that led to court-mandated rehab.

Tom Sizemore

Actor Tom Sizemore pled guilty to methamphetamine possession and entered a rehabilitation center to get treatment.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie was arrested for possession of heroin in 2003 and was ordered to complete a drug abuse treatment program

The story of Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay underwent drug treatment ordered by a judge many times. The last time she was even sentenced to entering a lockdown rehab facility because of reckless driving and providing false information to the police. It means she had no access to places beyond the facility under any circumstances, even for work or business meetings.

As celebrity treatment is typically kept private, nobody knows for sure where Lindsay had her rehabilitation. It’s known that the sentence included 3 months in treatment, 30 days of community service, and 18 months of court-ordered alcohol counseling.

Some of us may condemn addicts’ behavior, but those who realize that addiction is a serious mental disease know how difficult it is to treat this disorder successfully. The statistics are alarming as millions of people struggle with addiction but only about 10 percent of them get real help. 


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