1 In 4 Delivery Drivers Confess to Sampling Your Food Before Delivering It


Food delivery apps are becoming progressively trendy. However, is practicality worth it if delivery drivers are tasting gourmands’ meals?

via NECN; Restaurant servers may spit on your food if you send it back, however, food app drivers are taking it a step further – by sampling your meal prior to dropping it to you

A recent US Food survey analyzed delivery worker and consumer “habits and pain points” when it comes to both delivering and ordering and meals. disclosed some unnerving stats. For instance, out of roughly 500 delivery workers surveyed, around 25% claimed they’d snacked on food from an order. To undertake the probe, US Foods surveyed 1,519 American adults who stated that they have utilized food delivery apps. Participants’ ages ranged from 18-75, with a medial age of 31. They too surveyed 498 American adults who “identified as having worked as a deliverer for at least one food delivery app.” Those individuals had an average age of 30.

US Foods discovered that the average American retains two food delivery apps on their cellphone, which about three times a month they order from. The most popular apps consist of DoorDash, Postmates, Grubhub and Uber Eats. Not only did 29% of delivery drivers confess that they had gnawed at a customer’s order, 18% of customers noted they’d had a mishap where a delivery driver did not hand it off to them and plainly left food outside. To address this problem, a majority of customers (84%) stressed they’d like restaurants to eventually implement “tamper-evident labels” to assist in deterring this in the future.


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