Former Model Marries Her Pet Dog After Giving Up On Men

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49-year-old Elizabeth Hoad, former swimsuit model, Tuesday went on live television to marry her 6-year-old golden retriever, Logan.

via Twitter; Hoad with her new ‘hubby’

“I found the one and I love him,” she claims. In the ’80s, Hoad was a swimsuit model and had relationships with stars such as Formula One driver James Hunt and golfer Seve Ballesteros. However after a bombardment of unsuccessful boyfriends over the years — and giving birth to a child (a son who’s now 25) — Hoad figured the only ‘man’ she could rely on was her steadfast Logan. Hoad and her lucky pooch guest appeared on morning talk show This Morning to exchange “I dos” live in front of hundred of thousands of viewers. “All that I have in my doggy treat cupboard I promise to give to you,” states Hoad. After Hoad remarked, “I do,” the officiant briefly waited for Logan’s reply before taking his lack of dissent as a “yes.”

“He doesn’t seem too excited!” Hoad quipped. It’s been a roller coaster romance for the item: Just a year ago, Hoad rescued Logan. “He had a traumatic first four years being locked and beaten in a utility cupboard,” she explains. “He’s saved me and I’ve saved him. I was a broken woman when my last dog died.” After feeling “unlucky in love,” she contends she’d “given up” on finding the perfect match. “I tried every app – MillionaireMatch, Tinder, but it don’t have any luck. Maybe it’s me?” she pondered to herself. A brief fling with a guy she met online — who turned out to have a wife on the side — was the final straw for Hoad. That’s when eloping with her pup began to seem more and more like a feasible option. “After that my friends who previously joked about marrying Logan, my dog, became more serious, and I thought, ‘Why not?’”


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