Couple Who Failed To Pay Tax Fined $1.6 Million Dollars

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A family from Australia who refused to pay tax for nearly a decade have been ordered to cough up US $1.6m (£1,279,896) by a judge.

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Rembertus Cornelis Beerepoot, and Fanny Alida Beerepoot who had owned the Melita honey farm previously in northern Tasmania, said it was ‘against God’s will’ and declined paying anything since 2011. Accordant to reports, the wife and husband in court represented themselves and explained to the judge that they weren’t liable for the US $930,000 tax bill as all things belong to God – not the Australian government. Mrs Beerepoot said during the hearing: “We don’t own anything because we are His [God’s]” and that ‘the law of the almighty God’ was the ‘supreme law of this land’.

She furthered: “Transferring our allegiance from God to the Commonwealth would mean rebelling against God and therefore breaking the first commandment. As we reject God, the curses upon us become greater, but if we return to God’s teachings there will be healing. “We rely on the blessings we receive from God, which we give to Him and not to an outside entity such as the tax office.” Pursuing the court case, on Thursday the judge ordered the pair to pay a compounded cost of 1.6m, with Mr Beerepoot ordered to pay $1.159m and Mrs Beerepoot set to dish out an additional US $441,000. This is a mixture of administrative cost, income tax debt, and interest.


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