9 Crazy Beauty Routines Of Celebrities

celebrity beauty routines

Celebrities leave no stone unturned to stay beautiful and young-looking. They’re willing to try crazy beauty routines that even we mere mortals wouldn’t dare to. Here are a few of the wacky and pukey things they put on their glamorous faces. Who knows? You may want to give these crazy celebrity beauty routines a try.

Eating clay

Shailene Woodley’s cleansing secret is eating clay. The actress says a teaspoon of it alkalizes the body and binds other waste matter to it during excretion. Eating or drinking clay is an old French practice that has reached Hollywood. It has an energizing effect as well.

Penis facial

Kate Beckinsale calls it “an amazing facial.” She’s talking about the penis facial, and it isn’t what you’re thinking. It’s a serum made of stem cells taken from the foreskins of Korean newborn baby boys.

The cells contain the epidermal growth factor that is micro-needled into the skin and helps in collagen production. Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett are fans of the penis facial, too. Why Korean, specifically? Would it make a difference if the babies were from another place? 

Blood cream

Hailey Baldwin, now Bieber, shells out $1400 per jar for a cream moisturizer created by a German doctor, Barbara Sturm. But that’s not all! Hailey has to have her own blood extracted from her body, and its white blood cells and plasma separated by centrifuge, then mixed with the cream. The growth factor in platelet-rich plasma has moisturizing and anti-aging effects. The daughter of Stephen Baldwin believes in early preparation. After all, she’s only 22! 

Japanese bird poop facial

Harry Styles singer has one thing in common with Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham. They use bird poop (Japanese nightingales, actually) as their skin treatment. The urea-rich droppings are sterilized, dehydrated, mashed into powder, and mixed with liquid to make a paste. It takes years off your look, zaps your acne and even makes bald heads grow hair.  

Vampire facial

Kim Kardashian has to come up with crazy things to keep people talking about her. So she came up with her vampire facial – blood drawn out from her arms, spun to isolate the plasma and platelets, then smeared on her face, or injected into the wrinkles. It’s supposed to ward off ageing signs. 

But doesn’t it look like a copy of Hailey’s exorbitantly priced MC1 Blood Cream?

Snail Slime skincare

Drew Barrymore and Katie Holmes have snail slime to thank for their hydrated and firm skin. Another weird concoction of Korean beauty brands, snail slime gives your skin an even tone, and stimulates collagen production. If you can’t stand the thought of slathering your face with a snail’s sticky goo, go for the trusted beauty products. 

Bee sting facial

Kate Middleton swears by the bee venom facial. The mask contains real bee venom that erases wrinkles by encouraging elastin and collagen production. It reverses the signs of sun damage, pigmentation and facial puffiness, and tightens the facial muscles. Much like a Botox treatment without the injections. 

Vagina steaming

Gwyneth Paltrow gushes about it. Here’s how it’s done: you sit on a toilet-like chair, and your lady parts are steamed with infrared lighting and mugwort steam. Mugwort is a medicinal plant used to treat menstrual problems. It’s supposed to balance the hormones and keep you stress-free and looking good. 

Apple cider vinegar 

A more trustworthy item that Scarlett Johansson uses to cleanse her face is the good old apple cider vinegar. A result of her own research, this common kitchen product is devoid of harsh chemicals and is effective at removing bacteria and dead skin cells. 

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