A Greek Island Will Give You Plot Of Land & Monthly Wage To Live There


The island of Antikythera is seeking new residents they’re willing to pay $563 monthly as well as a plot of land to any person who moves there.

via The Sun

The island itself is situated between Kythira and Crete, is a 45 minute flight from Athens, and is home to only 24 people! There is, naturally, a catch – the monthly wage is paid and supported by the community Greek Orthodox Church, who are solely on the hunt for young families. Thereby, bachelorettes and bachelors need not apply. By furnishing a monthly stipend, the Church is hoping it will entice enough individuals to keep Antikythera’s population progressing. New residents will too get a plot of land to utilize as they please, whether that be to construct a new domicile or a business. Andreas Harhalakis, mayor of the island, told Greek media outlets: “We are looking for many families to ‘revive’ our island.”

The island is extremely remote, with no ATM machine or bank and merely one shop (don’t fret, it does stock alcohol). Though, there is internet connection and electricity; plus there are plenty of jobs builders, bakers and fishermen. And if you desire your friends or family to visit, there is an Airbnb accessible to rent. The island is also surrounded by scenic sandy beaches and consumed with rustic architecture. There are no vacant promises here either, as four families already have been received onto the grant scheme. Sound like something you want in on? Then gather up your kinfolk and apply on the Antikythera website NOW.


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