Astronauts Refuse To Render Sperm Samples In Space


Astronauts keep refusing to furnish sperm samples during their space missions, placing a halt to space reproduction research before they can even commence.

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Russian scientists are aware in order to settle on space-based habitats and other planets, space commuters will need to begin families just like they do here on Earth. Regrettably, they’re having a tough time with the recruitment procedures. Irina Ogneva, a Russian Academy of Sciences cell biophysicist, wishes to study how space travel impacts sperm production by comparing semen from after, during and before a spaceflight. Though astronauts aren’t too hyped about the middle part. “We constantly encounter obstacles of a moral and psychological and ethical nature,” Ogneva spoke in an interview with RIA Novosti, the state-run media outlet. “There are no cosmonauts who want to.”

No space semen could spell no space conception, no interplanetary families, and no interstellar colonies that survive longer than a generation. However when asked to lend to this specific aspect of scientific strides, Ogneva informed RIA that this especially ‘sticky’ predicament “causes everyone to smile and reject.” “We cannot conduct [through the Coordination Scientific and Technical Council, which approves of conducting experiments on the Russian segment of the ISS], such a routine procedure as cosmonauts donating spermograms,” Ogneva added. The logistics of coitus in space is a bit mind-boggling, with microgravity (interesting fact: since gravity is everywhere in space zero-g is a misnomer) establishing factors to weigh that range from escaping fluids to decline of appendages that depend on blood flow.


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