Man Tats ‘Will You Marry Meow?’ On His Bum As A Proposal To Girlfriend


Instead of the traditional getting down on one knee, a man proposed to his girlfriend by tattooing ‘will you marry meow?’ on his behind.

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Dustin Marshall had a somewhat distinctive idea when he came to asking his beau Lindsey Norman to marry him. Norman, 30, from Hertfordshire, noted: “He orchestrated it so he would get “seven-balled”, where the black is sunk when one player still has all seven of their balls on the table. Our rule is you have to pull your pants down if that happens, so he just pulled down his trousers. I looked over and said: ‘What’s that on your bum?’ He walked over to me and I could see that it said: “Will you marry meow?” with a picture of our cat. I was completely shocked.” Prior to the proposal, Norman and Marshall had conversed about getting engaged however she all the way clueless he was actually preparing something.

She went on: “I’d been dropping subtle hints for a while but I thought he wasn’t really picking up on them. I thought we’d get married some day but just wasn’t expecting it then – or like that.” She was cautious that something was going on as Marshall had stressed on sleeping in the spare room for several nights before. He contended to her his back was sore – though she had no clue he was attempting to conceal the tattoo until the redness faded. She chuckles: “Once I realized what it said, his friend Danny passed the ring but I was crying so much, it was about half an hour before I gave him the answer. I’m a bit of a crazy cat lady so that’s why he chose a picture of our cat Pinkie.”


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