What’s The Dill? Pickle Pizzas May Be The Next Food Trend


Minnesota’s own QC Pizza pizzeria has taken one step further and spawned a pickle pizza pie, and it’s totally covered in them.

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Pickles are notoriously divisive, with persons seeming to either hate them or love them. In spite of their well documented health advantages, they appear still to divide opinion, with the majority of the populace picking them off their cheeseburger and feeding them to that one peculiar comrade that can’t get enough of them. Nonetheless – the new pickle pizza pie is either going to look like food hell or food heaven to you; however if pickles float your boat, there’s a probability you’re hopping a red eye to Minnesota as we speak. Evidently, it’s premised on a local specialty dubbed ‘Minnesota sushi’ which is pretty much cheese and ham shrouded around a pickle. If you’re into a keto or low carb diet – these might be perfect. If reaching Minnesota is somewhat of an excursion, you can produce the pizza at home yourself. Foremost, you will need to make a garlic dill sauce and for the base create some crusty dough.

Then, spread the sauce on the dough, add a layer of pickles and then a layer of bacon. One guy on social media said: “Pizza with pickles is actually quite good. Not that many of course, but it works. A local pizza place actually did it, and I was quite surprised at how good it was.” Another user shared: “I’ve tried pickles on my pizza and it was really delicious it wasn’t smothered and pickles but a few pickles! I thought I wouldn’t like it but doesn’t hurt to try something once you know! If you don’t like it you don’t ever have to eat it again.” Someone else wrote: “What’s the deal with the pickles?! There have been pickles like at least forever, but why people are completely in love with them these days and making new pickle foods etc. Where is this all coming from?”


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