Social Media Etiquette: Matters Surrounding Surrogacy

Indeed, the boom of technology and social media have had so much impact in the daily lives of this generation. From birthdays, weddings, and other important life events to the very random viral videos on the net, social media keeps us informed and somewhat makes us feel more aware of what is happening in real life.

However, with the benefit that came with this speedy machinery of information dissemination, also came the travesty of its evil twin brother, information explosion. With information explosion in the field of social media, the management of so much data becomes increasingly difficult. One wrong word about a certain topic, especially if it is a sensitive one, may lead to loss of privacy or pave the way for the spread of fake news.

This also rings true when it comes to matters surrounding surrogacy in the field of social media. People using social media must be aware of certain important things that they may or may not say and how these things that they say or do not say may affect not only others’ perception of them but also impact the whole process and notion of surrogacy as a whole.

For starters, people substantially involved in the process of surrogacy such as the intended parents, surrogate mothers, and the egg donor or sperm donor must be aware of the social media etiquette they must practice. If you are one of these people and you want to learn more on how to manage these things then continue reading below.

For starters, it is essential for you to take note of the fact that once something has been posted on the internet, it can virtually stay there forever through screenshots, sharing and lots of other avenues of retaining shared media. With this in mind, you need to be extra careful about the things you share on the internet.

The sharing of sensitive information and other media that may later on cause conflict, lots of stress or complications should be avoided as much as possible. Take the pregnant belly pictures of a surrogate mother for example. If such pictures were shared without prior notice or permission from the surrogate mother, a slippery misunderstanding may occur between her and the intended parents. This can lead to stress and trauma for the surrogate, which could harm the baby in the process.

Another thing that you must be thoroughly aware of is the privacy settings of your social media posts. If you decide on posting or sharing a bit of this joyful surrogacy journey (of course, with appropriate permission from those concerned) with your friends on social media, check first the audience of the post. You can customize or edit this on the settings for a more intimate or more public audience.

Lastly, always be respectful and dignified in all your social media posts regarding the surrogacy process. Remember that it is not only you who may be affected by this at the end of the day. Everyone involved, including the child to be born out of the surrogacy, will carry the weight of whatever it is that you decide to post about. Be very mindful of how these comments, posts, or pictures could potentially affect all parties.


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