It’s No Longer Illegal To Challenge Someone To A Duel In This Country


If you need to settle a score with a good old-fashioned duel, a recent ruling by the Canadian government may be of invited news.

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This week, Jody Wilson-Raybould, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, unveiled legislation meant to modernize and update the criminal justice system. The planned legislation “would amend or repeal a number of provisions in the Criminal Code in order to ensure they are compliant with the Charter, and to make the law more relevant in our modern society,” stated a government release. “Several Criminal Code offenses that were enacted many years ago… are no longer relevant or required today.” Amongst those offenses? Challenging a person to a duel. It’s okay to say this is an opportune update to the rule and that “many years” may be an understatement. Whilst throughout Canada’s early settlement years they were seldom issued, duel challenges did occur. Historical records reveal the last duel where someone perished was in Perth, Ontario on June 13, 1833. Though, the entire number of dueling challenges in what ultimately became Canada only counted about 300 between the 1600’s and 1948.

Dueling was not the sole quirky proposal to Canada’s criminal justice system. A few of the other modified Criminal Code offenses consist of: *Possessing, printing, distributing or publishing crime comics (paragraph 163(1)(b)); *Advertising a reward for the return of stolen property “no questions asked” (section 143); *Publishing blasphemous libel (section 296); ; *Issuing trading stamps (section 427); and, *Fraudulently pretending to practice witchcraft (section 365). Now, we are not condoning any type of violence against others, however if you look up and you are at the tail end of a glove slap, do not say we didn’t give you a heads up.


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