Man Adopts Dog From Shelter Then Butchers It To Fulfill Dog Meat Craving

dog meat

With a desire to appease his craving for dog meat, a man elected to adopt a dog on the guise of needing a guard dog, then butchered it when he got home.

via The Daily Beast

Accordant to Chinese media, the employee at the shelter felt that something was askew and decided after the adoption to follow up with the man. However, he was unreachable and they realized that the information on the adoption form he had provided, such as his contact details and address, was fictitious. The shelter filed a police report and following investigations, they tracked the adopter down and unearthed the grim truth. It was reported that the guy and a male comrade of his had slayed the pup after the adoption for its meat. In an effort to cover up his tracks, from his freezer the adopter too excised the leftover meat and buried it.

Upon the uncovering of his activities, the man apologized and made a donation to the shelter of 2,000 yuan (S$400). The act of eating dog meat in China has been the subject of controversy for some time, particularly the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival held in Yulin annually. Animal rights advocates have been lobbying for the cancellation of the festival on the premises that the dog meat trade is “unhygienic and inhumane” because of the manhandling of the dogs. They accentuated videos of canines who were captured with wire lassos, hauled in small cages and killed with metal rods.


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